Death Is

Death is the silhouette that eclipses the light at the end of this sombre seeming eternity.

I stand, paralysed, like a deer caught, only not in the light,

but in the blinding uncertainty of the absence of light.

Without vision, the immeasurable space between death and I

leaves me estimating indefinite time –

too near, too far –

yet, forever balancing on the edge –

dancing on the narrowest ledge –

which separates life and Death.


Death is the voice in my mind which breaks the silence of every hopeless exchange.

I stand, deaf as a post, only not of sound,

but of the piercing loneliness of the absence of sound.

Without sound, the shrieking pleas from Death to me

leave me longing for it completely –

too much, not enough –

yet, alive and forever haunted –

and in your silence I am taunted –

to choose between life and Death.