Last Night I Saw A Shooting Star

so I made a wish and as a result two unexpected things happened today.

And I’m very much realising exactly how scared I am living. That when opportunities throw themselves at me these days, I whimper back into my dark, deathly corner. Not because I like it there or because I’m happy with where I’m at, but because it’s what I know and what’s comfortable. My own fears paralyse me, keeping me imprisoned in my own miserable life.

And so I throw a plea out into the Universe to please extend the “valid until” date, because I’m not refusing its generosity, I’m just learning how to be brave enough to accept and embrace something new. And I hope I’ll be able to catch and grab it before it’s too far gone.


4 Comments on “Last Night I Saw A Shooting Star”

  1. Nataly says:

    The universe always respects bravery, no matter what the timing. Sending lots of positive energy and courage your way. xo.

  2. i don’t know if this is helpful but for me, when something new comes up…if i look at the whole picture, it freaks me out…if i look at just the next step only, it makes it quite tolerable. looking at only the next step is how i was able to get through IVF. xo

  3. artyelf says:

    You’re just wonderful!
    Here’s to lots of ‘grabbing’, cause you already have the bravery. ♡

  4. dontsayes says:

    Sending all my best wishes. I hope you can get whatever you are searching for.

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