Caught Between the Nexus of Real and Unreal

It feels like purgatory.

I exist, physically, within the real dimensions of life, yet also within a warped dimension of my mind. The physics of each contradict each other: time is out of sync, light and colours are inverted, sounds bounce and feelings get misplaced.

Where am I?
I’m here. I’m there. I’m nowhere. I’m everywhere.
All, precisely simultaneously.

Too much to need to cover.
I’m not enough.
Empty spaces needing to be filled.
I’ve exhausted ability to fill them.

Not enough to contain me.
I spill over.
But where do my remainders go?
I penetrate boundaries, trespassing into the prohibited.

Unsure of the possibility.
All the while, certainly living within impossibility.

I exist…
I don’t.

3 Comments on “Caught Between the Nexus of Real and Unreal”

  1. alexxrae says:

    Keep fighting, life is out there for you and you deserve it


  2. wow there is so much in that! really good!

  3. Kirk Rehn says:

    You exist everywhere. In your mind, in the lives of others, in the cosmos of the universe. Fight to keep your existence real and present. You can be anywhere and everywhere you want to be. Spilling over into the unknown is ok. The unknown is scary, I agree. But let that fear motivate you, not overwhelm you. You’re not living within impossibility. You’re living within endless possibilities. Treasure that.

    Much love,


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