“Going nowhere. Everything is wrong.”

Do you know what it’s like to prepare for your own death?
Do you know what it’s like to watch everyone watch you die, unknowingly?

I’ve spent all my years hanging on with whatever hope; however small, however big.
Now I’ve had enough.
I spend the last year accepting that the end is near.
And peace overwhelms me.


4 Comments on ““Going nowhere. Everything is wrong.””

  1. thinking of you, keep fighting, you are not alone. don’t let them take your life! xo

  2. dontsayes says:

    I know it’s hard and a tough battle to fight but don’t give in. You are worth so much.

  3. Bourbon says:

    Thinking of you. xxxxx

  4. artyelf says:

    Yes, I know what it’s like, and I know the thoughts can bring peace. BUT, I also know when I am in this zone there is an enormous feeling of ‘it’s not fair’. And I feel this for you Tulip, I know you need some peace, but it’s not fair for you to obtain it this way.
    I hope you will change your mind. Elyn ♡

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