What’s Wrong With The World, II

We* live in a time of self-righteousness, where apparently our own protection and dignity is of uttermost importance in a fuck-the-world kind of way. We dare not admit when we’re wrong for fear that there will be consequences (and rightly so) for our wrongdoings. We don’t ever apologise because it would be admitting that we were wrong to begin with. Instead, we hide the facts, replace them with falsities and defend ourselves to the end, no matter what. We have no mercy, no compassion, no empathy for our victims (accidental or not), trampling them and everyone around them even flatter to the ground.

Trigger Warning: This video reports content relating to mental illness, self-harm, suicide, death.

*I use the term ‘we’ loosely. I would hope that I’d NEVER be this way (I’d rather be killed than told that I am). And I would hope you wouldn’t either.


2 Comments on “What’s Wrong With The World, II”

  1. Bourbon says:

    If the friggen WP would stop misbehaving I’d re-post this…. I needed to hear this – I agree whole heartedly. Thanks xx

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