It began with one single thought,

that turned into my life:

“No one can hurt
me as much as I can.”

which also translates to:

“No one can hate
me as much as I do.”

And you don’t know this, but with this thought, you will never fly higher than I do.


4 Comments on “It began with one single thought,”

  1. how true is that. we are so hard on ourselves…my “T” tells me that all the time.

    • yeah. i think for me it’s been a defence. like, there’s been great comfort in hurting myself/hating myself because as long as i’m doing it bigger & better than anyone, their hate and pain can’t even come close to touching me.
      how are you doing today?

      • buckwheatsrisk says:

        i understand that and i think also if we do it to ourselves first they can’t say as we already have?
        i’m good so far today how are you?

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