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  1. Are you in your new job now? I recall you saying you were anxious about it. How are you doing?

    • yeah i’ve started my new job. I’m still very nervous about it all because i just have no confidence in myself and feel like i’m the worlds largest screw-up so keep expecting to screw up big time. BUT i’m enjoying it at the moment and things are really good right now. i usually get really suspicious when things are this good, but i’m just trying to not over-think things and to go with the flow. if things (e.g. mental health) are inevitably going to go sour after x amount of time, i may as well enjoy this moment. that’s what i tell myself anyway.

      anyway, i’m sorry my support and friendship has been so scarce lately. i’m kind of struggling to be on here at the moment. i hope you’re doing well. feel free to let me know how things are going for you, although i should really visit your blog. i promise i will as soon as i’m up to it xo

      • Don’t worry about visiting my blog! I am happy you’re at your job and things are going pretty well for you. I’m sure you’re not the world’s largest screw up. My confidence has been very low before-it’s a little better now-and I felt like I couldn’t do anything well but the evidence suggested that I could. So maybe try to focus on concrete examples of stuff you did well,or you got complimented on etc. It can be pretty tough to feel like we’re doing well when we have low confidence but if you look for actual examples of your achievements then it might help. I don’t mean big achievements either, they can be small but mean something to you. 🙂

      • that’s pretty sweet that your confidence has improved a little. you’re so wonderful and wise so it’s very sad to read that you don’t think of yourself as highly as you should. it’s a nice hopeful thought too – sometimes it’s hard to imagine that anything can grow from [what seems to be] nothing. i’ve been trying to do similar things to what you suggest. you know, see the good in whatever i’m doing… try to trust compliments/praise or at least not reject them. hopefully something will sink in eventually 😀 thanks for your support & advice xox

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