Then silence…

And all is okay.
And all is fine.
And all has improved.

And it’s all just pretend?

The jump from there to here, now, is impossible. Yet here I am, which makes me wonder whether my current state is some sort of denial.

Recently there have been good changes in my life, but to me ‘good’ is fragile, and ‘good’ slips through my fingertips no matter what. It’s not something I’ve ever worked out how to hold onto, just like happiness.

It’s there and then it’s gone. There aren’t varying degrees of either. It just is or it’s not.

I’m walking a tightrope between two extremes.

And all is wobbly.
And all is fragile.
But all is good and I don’t want to rock it too much.


8 Comments on “Then silence…”

  1. Good is good. Don’t look over your shoulder too much, or you won’t be able to enjoy the good. Just hold on to this moment for as long as you can.

    • ha! yes good is good until it’s not πŸ˜›

      totally agree with you about not looking over my shoulder though. i’m just trying to go with the flow and not look too far ahead.

      • Great! It’s wonderful to hear that you’re seizing this with such enthusiasm!

        The crash is devastating, I know. But, do try to put it out of your head for now. I was reading about something they’re calling a “wellness journal”. Basically, when you are well, you put in all of the positive things that you can think of. And then, when you aren’t well, you can tape into that later.

        Just an idea!

  2. Nataly says:

    Perhaps “here” is where you’re meant to be, and “there” was just a momentary distraction. Now is less likely to be denial as then was exaggeration. Maybe. Either way, enjoy the good you have now and see if you can work out how to continue it…even in a small way. xo.

  3. try and enjoy the good parts even if they may only be there for a monent, they are more precious then.
    lotsa love xo

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