They just watched me break

“There was always something so fragile yet impenetrable about you…”

Everybody always knew, or the very least, suspected that something wasn’t right.

Nobody ever did a thing about it to help. They just watched me break.


And now that my wings are broken, I’m still expected to fly.

3 Comments on “They just watched me break”

  1. i’m so sorry people turned a blind eye. it’s so cruel and unfair. xo

  2. I’m sorry too. I was ignored as well whilst self destructing as a child/teen. Heck, I was ignored as an adult too for that matter when suffering from my eating disorder again. Thank goodness I found a psychologist who cared enough to help me. Do you have a therapist?

  3. dontsayes says:

    I know what its like to have everyone turn away when you need help the most. I wish it weren’t like this for you. You deserve to have others be by your side during this tough time.

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