i am.

8 Comments on “junk”

  1. Nataly says:

    Rubbish. Not you, that thought. It’s just a thought, not reality. I know it feels real, but it’s not. You’re not junk. I wish things didn’t feel so awful at the moment…I wish I could flip the switch back. Hoping it passes soon for you my dear. xo.

  2. that’s good. gentle hugs xo

  3. i didn’t mean it’s good that you think you’re junk, i meant that it’s good you still are here xo

  4. You are NOT junk. You are VALUABLE. Your life has PURPOSE. You have been deeply wounded by the cruel words and actions of others. You probably criminalize and blame yourself for the hurt others have caused you or by your own actions. STOP blaming yourself for what others have done to you. FORGIVE yourself if you have done something you shouldn’t have. Wounding by others or yourself causes deep pain, shame, low self-esteem and self-hatred. When you hate yourself you want to hurt yourself – which is exactly what the enemy wants – he wants to destroy and kill you. RISE UP! There is a LIONESS inside you that wants to LIVE and to live HAPPY, HEALTHY, WHOLE. There is heavenly Father who is on your side – who loves you and has compassion on you! He wants you strong, healthy, happy and whole. 1) Get away from people who treat you poorly, 2) grab a Bible and read 1st, 2nd and 3rd John – it’s all about how He loves us and how we are to love each other, 3) find kind, sincere, mature people who will encourage you! No doctor, no psychiatrist, no counselor can HEAL you like gentle, loving Papa God can…run to Him, talk to Him all the time, cry out to Him asking for help – He promises to answer when His children cry out to Him for help! YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE VALUED. YOUR LIFE HAS MEANING, PURPOSE.

  5. dontsayes says:

    you’re not junk. you’re so much more then what you believe you are. I hope one day you will see what everyone else sees, the potential that you have, and the beauty that you bring to this world.

  6. artyelf says:

    NO. You are not.

  7. Juliet says:

    You aren’t. Wonder where you are. Thinking of you xx

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